PDFCool Studio Help
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Add Hotspots
-Allows the user to drag an area in a PDF document, and then choose to link to other page in the PDF document, link to web, or link to embedded file. The user can also set the appearance of the hotspot and its position and size in the PDF document.
Add Barcode
-As a graphics identifier to show a group of information, barcode can mark out a productí»s producer, producing country, manufactory, product name and production date etc. With "Add Barcode" tool of PDFCool Studio, the user can add the relevant text or date information to PDF document;
Font Manager
-The user can embed a font from another PDF document, font file and system font to the chosen PDF document. The user can also replace all embedded truetype fonts in the PDF document with a standard font;
Backup Manager
-To some function of this software which may greatly change the structure of this document, such as watermarks,  you may lose the original data if you did not backup before. Therefore, this software will automatically create backup for your original documents, and allows you choosing to delete or save these backup documents.
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