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Add Hotspots

"Add Hotspots" tool of PDFCool Studio allows the user to drag an area in a PDF document, and then choose to link to other page in the PDF document, link to web, or link to embedded file. The user can also set the appearance of hotspot and its position and size in the PDF document.

1. Open "Add Hotspots" dialog

From the top menu bar, go to "Tools > Add Hotspots";

2. Choose the PDF document you want to add hotspots

Click on the dropdown list of Document option, and choose one from the PDF documents opened in program;

3. Choose the hotspot area

Hold Ctrl key, and drag an area in the document Preview box;

4. Set the hotspot action ¨C The user can choose the hotspot action in the Action radio box:

a. Choose "Link to page" option, the user can choose which page in the PDF document the hotspot should link to and set the hotspot position;

b. Choose "Link to web" option, the user should directly enter the web URL in the text box that followed;

c. Choose "Link to embedded file" option, and then click on the file icon, the user can choose to link to any format file which can be opened in Windows. The chosen file will be embedded to the PDF document.

5. Set the hotspot appearance

In the Appearance box, the user can set the hotspot border, border color, background color and opacity;

If uncheck the "Draw a border" option, the generated hotspot is invisible; Check the always visible option, the border of hotspot is visible on both PDFCool and other PDF readers, uncheck this option, the border of hotspot is invisible on PDFCool but visible on other PDF readers; only PDFCool has the "Fill with color" option, so if filling hotspot with color, it can not be deleted on other PDF software.

6. Set the hotspot position and size

In the "Position and Size" box, the user can choose the parameters of Left and Top to set the hotspot position in the PDF document, choose the parameters of Width and Height to set the hotspot size;

ItĄ¯s more convenient for you to set the hotspot size and position in the PDF document by directly dragging a hotspot in the document Preview box with the CTRL key hold.

7. Click on the Apply button to apply the hotspot setting

Click "Undo" button to undo the precious operation of adding hotspot; click "Finish" button to finish the adding hotspot process and quit; click on the "Cancel" button to cancel the hotspot addition and quit.

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