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Unique Features in PDFCool Studio
Task Panel

This is a small form which floats on the main form. It can record up to 10 recent operations according to the order of time("Recently") and list frequently used functions in the order of operating frequency("Frequently"), which allow users to call these functions directly from the Task Panel. Besides, it lists the major functions in the order of categories, which makes users call these functions without clicking the main menu.

Text Editor

The user can double-click a word/phrase to edit, or drag an area and then use the "Text Editor" tool to edit them in batches. You can also drag an area to select text, and then call "Delete Text", "Change Color", "Add Underline", "Apply Bold" or "Copy Text to Clipboard" functions.

Page Selector

Selecting the pages to deal with at will, so that you can conveniently apply all kinds of functions based on page.

Page Seletion info dialog

Display the information of the selected pages, which you can copy, cut and paste etc.

Send to Batch Processor

Send the selected pages to Batch Processor for batch processing.

Some function dialogs have the "Apply to Batch Processor" button, click on which to apply the current function setting to the PDF documents listed in Batch Processor. For example, click on the "Apply to Batch Processor" button in Water- mark dialog to add the current watermark setting to the PDF documents listed in Batch Processor.

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Create PDF from Webpage

The user can create PDF document from the webpages online, as well as HTM /HTML or MHL/MHTML files saved in the local disk. You can preview the webpage from which you want to create PDF.

Insert Image

Insert any size image to any location of any page.

Compare Document

Help to compare 17 species, nearly one hundred of document properties, and generate to a detail compare report.


Besides the standard watermark making function, you can tile watermarks on the page, and set the density of the watermarks.

Document Background

You can freely choose an image or a PDF page as the background to fill the page.

Sign Document:

The user can import a saved PKCS#12 digital ID or import digital ID from the Certificate Store to sign PDF document. PDFCool Studio provides species sign models for the user to set the style of signature field. The user can also reset many kinds of related text and parameters to customize the style of signature field, and finally to generate a desired visible signature.

Decrypt Documents

With this function, you don't need to type the passwords one by one when decrypting a batch PDF documents. You can enter the probable passwords by any order. This function can be used in decrypt in batches, and you can enter at most 20 possible passwords to decrypt the PDF document which you forgot its password.

PDF to Any Conversion

When converting PDF to DOC, HTML and EXCEL formats, you can set many relevant parameters.

Any to PDF Conversion

You can convert any printable file - DOC, HTML, EXCEL, PPT, JPG and webpage online to PDF.

Text Extrator

When extracting text to DOC, if the text font in PDF can not be found in your System Fonts, you can choose a replace font, or let the program to automatically pick a font similar to the original text, to ensure the generated DOC has a higher similar style with original PDF document.

EXE Builder

The EXE Builder will quickly convert PDF documents to a stand-alone EXE file, so let you easily create self-running Slide-Show package (EXE file), and make PDF readable on any computer without PDF reader software installed.

Image Manager

You can directly compress, replace, or apply image filter to PDF documents in batches.

Font Setting

List the current fonts of the PDF document, standard fonts and the Windows system fonts. You can choose the best fit font from those fonts and set the relevant parameters and have a preview.

My Filebox

A tool to save users' commonly used files and PDF pages for reuse and batch processing.

My Recycle

The deleted pages and images in PDF documents will be automatically saved in My Recycle in case the user may deleted some useful files carelessly.


You can choose one from up to 31 kinds of skins to customize program style, and you can also download more skins you like from the specific website.


Apart from the standard PDF document searching function, you can also send the searched pages to the Batch Processor to deal with them in batches.

Font Manager

You can embed a font from another PDF document to your PDF document. Moreover, you can embed the font file or system font into the selected PDF document. You can also export the font data from the PDF document and save it as a font file.

Duplicate Page

Duplicate current page.

Export to

You can choose the pages to be exported at will. It not only can export as a new PDF document, and also formats like JPG/JPEG2000/PNG and so on.

Replace Pages

You can replace any pages (discontinuous page number) at will.

Merge Pages

You can choose to merge the pages by any order.

Compress Document

You can choose to compress documents in batches.

Attachment Manager

You can set attachment properties like MIME type.

Page Header/Footer

Allows the user to set many parameters like Character space, to make unique Page Header/Footer.

Extract Text&Image

The user can extract text and image from a PDF document, to save as Excel or CSV file. The text information such as location, color etc, has been marked out in the generated CSV file.

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