PDFCool Studio Help
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Go to
Jump to the appointed page, such as Fist Page, Last Page, Previous Page and Next Page;
Export Pages as
Export the whole or portions of the pages of a PDF document as a new PDF file or images;
Extract Pages to
Export all or portion of the opened documents to new document pane or save to new PDF file;
Page Selector
Select all or portions of the pages in the PDF document by simply click several options and choose which kind of changes should make to the selected pages;
Cancel Selection
Cancel selection for all pages;
Page Selection Info
The record of Page Selector process. Check the documents to be dealt with and step to the next stage;
Send to Batch Processor
Send the pages selected to the Batch Processor for batch processing;
Cut Pages
Cut pages in the document, and prepare to paste to other document;
Copy Pages
Copy pages in the document, and prepare to paste to other document;
Paste Pages from
Paste pages freely from the opened documents. The pages pasted can not only come from all or portions of a single document, but also come from all or portions of two and even more documents;
Duplicate Page
Copy the current page within the current document;
Delete Pages
Cross out the selected pages from the PDF document;
Insert Pages from
Select pages from the opened PDF document, and then insert to an appointed PDF document;
Insert Blank Page
Insert a blank page to an appointed location in the PDF document;
Replace Pages
Replace the selected pages between two PDF documents;
Rotate Pages
Rotate the selected pages to 90, 180 and 270 degree;
Merge Pages
Merge the selected pages of a PDF document into a single page or multi pages;
Crop Pages
Documents may be cropped by using the Crop Pages dialog, and the units can be specified in millimeters. Cropping can be applied to a single page, a range of pages, or all pages;
Resize Pages
Adjust the page size by using the Resize Pages dialog;
Move Up
Move up the current page;
Move Down
Move down the current page;
Move to First Page
Move up the current page to the first page;
Move to Last Page
Move down the current page to the last page.


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