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Page Header/Footer

Header/Footer tool enables you to quickly insert header/footer into a PDF document, and place it in front of or behind existing page content, depending on your preference. Best of all, by saving your header/footer options as project files, and you can reuse them over and over.

1. Open the Page Header/Footer dialog

From the top menu bar, go to "Document > Page Header/Footer";

2. Choose the document you want to insert Page Header/Footer

Click on the dropdown list of Document, choose the one you want to insert Page Header/Page Footer from the PDF documents opened in the program;

3. Import header/footer project file or add new header/footer:

Click on the Add button under Header/Footer List to add the current header/footer options to the Header/Footer List as a new item;
To modify the selected item, firstly change the parameters in the header/footer options, then click on the Update button to replace the original item;
Click on the Open button, you can add the saved project files;
Click on the Save button, you can save the items in the list as project file for reuse;
Click on the Model button, you can choose a header/footer model provided by PDFCool team.

4. Edit the Header/Footer options

Choose a certain type of Header/Footer page number and date under the Header/Footer Text box, for example, Page#/Total ##, mm/dd. You can also edit the header/footer content directly by hand in the Header/Footer Text box;

Note: Check the "Apply current options" to preview the current header/footer options.

5. Set the position of the Header/Footer

Choose the position of a Header/Footer in the page. Then, you can set the relevant margins;

6. Set the font style of Header/Footer text

In this area, the user can open the Font Setting dialog by double-clicking the textbox of Name or clicking on the Modify button, and then edit the header/footer text name, size, color, opacity and rotation. The user can also directly choose the text size, opacity, rotation, or choose the text color by clicking on the Color bar;

Note: When the header/footer text is single line, the rotation options is available.

7. Choose the pages needed to insert the Header/Footer

With the Page Range, the user can select the pages needed to insert the Header/Footer (details go to the Common Work Area);

8. Click on the Apply button to finish.

Note: By clicking on the Open, Save or Restore button located in the bottom left corner, the user can choose to open header/footer project file, save the current header/footer options as project file, or restore to the default values.

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