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Export pages as

PDFCool Studio allows the user to export the whole or portions of the pages of a PDF document as a new PDF document or images.

1. Open the Export dialog

From the top menubar, go to "Page > Export Pages as";

2. Choose a PDF document

Click on the dropdown list of the Document, and choose one from the PDF documents opened in program;

3. Choose an exporting format

Click the dropdown list, and choose the format you want to export as, such as, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, WMF, EMF etc;

4. Set the image parameter

If choosing PDF as the export format, you do not need to modify all the parameters; if choosing to export as different image formats, the relevant parameters are available;

5. Choose page range

Page range helps you to easily choose the pages to be exported (details go to the Common Work Area);

6. Output setting

Choosing exporting path by click on thebutton, or enter the ouput path directly;

7. Click on the Export button to finish.
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